Sunday, July 22, 2012

I suppose once a year is not too much to do for a blog. I won last season's time trial in my region. It was a very close race, and decided on the last race of the season. I've started instructing much more, and I have to say, my driving and times have improved a great deal since I started this. My endurance is also much increased, and staying in the car for session after session in 100+ degree heat is not a bad thing now. I know plenty of good drivers who will not instruct, but it's a hoot for me. Most of my students have been great, and I've not run into any real hard heads as yet. Hope that luck holds. The current season is going slowly. The home remodel, which will get me a garage space and lifts, was delayed again but is now on track. We start in a month. I've a new engine project to do, and bought a new car in December, a 2012 Grand Sport C6. It's pretty nice, but not as fast as the racecar. As it should be. I had to get something that was at least a little like the racecar, and this is ideal for instructing. And I smile every time I leave work now. Sheri continues to drive well, and is advanced to red group. There's no higher group in our structure, save instructors. She's going faster, despite total knee replacement surgery this year. I'm glad I have a new engine because there's something funny about my car now. I can't put a finger on it, but there's a small power loss and just a bad feeling. Accordingly, I'm going to pull the engine from the car and put this one in. I'd rather rebuild a non-blown engine, and I'm thinking this one is about done. I'm getting much more into the mental game of racing. It seems to be a strong point and so I'm making the most of it. It also helps to think about track stuff in different ways so I can explain it to students better. One thing I note is that at the track, we're all participating in a giant ritual, just like pagans dancing round a fire. There's spiritual power in what we're doing, and it's interesting to think about the implications of that.