Sunday, December 23, 2007

Off season

It's the holidays, and I've not been driving since November. The next event is three weeks away, on the other side of the year.

It sucks. Steve McQueen was right. The rest is just waiting.

Christmas is good though. Some time off, some break in the normal routine. Chances to buy car-stuff gifts for folks.

One of my friends is getting a new 08 Corvette before the year is gone. He'll have what he has always wanted, but seems somewhat intimidated by it. Heh. Hope we can convince him to take it to the track. It's real easy to wreck that car doing ordinary things unless you understand what it can do.

I've had time to reflect on the last event and how things happened with my leadfoot friend in the last session. I was an idiot, and likely unsafe. Will not do that again, for sure.

Time to make a list. Not a christmas list, but a list of stuff to get before the next event. The prep goes ever onwards...