Tuesday, March 04, 2008


March is going to be a huge month! Three events, I think. The first was last weekend at TWS. Weather was great and the track was fast. Met four more new drivers from Austin who I will invite the the Spin Doctors. Always good to have more car folk.

I spent some of the weekend running with a lotus Exige that was very fast. The driver (Richard) has an amazing data acquisition system in the car, and he got some video of me. This is good, since it's hard to see what mistakes one is making from inside the car. Sometimes, it's better to see it from another angle, so I'm glad to have the data. He's really, really fast for an Exige. Massive speed through the corners, and he never brakes (or so it seems). I had fun running with him. From my rough estimates, I gained about 50 feet per lap on him, so we were running almost the same speeds in very different cars. I'll seek him out again, next event.

The next event is a NASA DE in Cresson, on March 15th. John and I will be learning how to run with that group, and how they do their time trials. I've purchased some new wheels in order to qualify for the TTA time trial class, and will see what I can do at the regional level. John is also going to the same event, so I'll have at least one friendly face there.

Over easter weekend we'll be at Harris Hill Ranch checking out their track. It's a freebie, sort of a recon. Any chance to check out a new track is cool with me.

Lastly, on the 29th, Sheri and I will be heading for Eagles Canyon with the Driver's Edge for the first event there. It's also a new facility and so everyone will be learning the new place! I can't wait.


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