Sunday, September 16, 2007

MSR September 15-16

I'm sitting in the paddock at MSR in Cresson, looking at the rising sun. It's Sunday. Yesterday, I re-learned the track. It's been forever since I came here, and I offered up a set of old brake pads to the gods of track memory.

MSR Cresson is a combination of an old 1.7 mile track that is well laid out and a newer section that looks like it was drawn on a napkin in a Ft. Worth bar. The whole is 3.1 miles.

There has been a good bit of development in the last year. There is now a gas station under construction at the entrance to the place, and there are more garage spaces taken up. The houses that are at the east end of the track are occupied and there are more going up.

Drainage is always a problem at Cresson. There are places on the track that are simply not usable when it rains. Even after the rain stops, there are seeps in the low spots that stay went for days. So it was this time, and there was one puddle at the turn in of the main lower course carousel that was kind of a dividing line: Inside of it was one line and outside was another.

I'd like to write more about the weekend, but it was really uneventful. No one crashed, there were a few mechanical issues. The best thing that happened was I ran with Mike for several sessions. Mike runs a mag red C5 and is much after my own heart. He has improved his car from the ground up, working on the suspension, and tires and seats, rather than the engine. He's smooth like glass in the turns and knows MSR real well. He was a good person for me to lap with, as when he made a mistake, I could pass him, and vice versa.

We also ran with Tom. I'm not using Tom's real name here. He's got two cars in his road course stable, and at least one more set up for straight line. He love Vettes. His wife drives as well, in the yellow group. His cars are characterized by immense horsepower. Generally, Tom runs over 500 at the wheels. His current corvette is a C5 body with an LS7 engine.

Unfortunately, he blew that car up. Something on the front of the engine went bad; I think it was either the balancer or the main pulley, but the car was gone for the weekend. He resorted to driving his wife's car, and thus was able to run with Mike and I. So for a couple of sessions, we were the three corvettes, blue, red and yellow, and everyone got out of our way. It was a blast.


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