Friday, March 30, 2007

Auto Cross

Heading to Driveway this weekend for an autocross (autox if you're cool) training class. I figure, it's better than NOT driving...

Autocross is way, way more common than road course driving. The speeds are lower, and there's only one car on course at a time, so there is a perception of more safety. We're lucky to have Bill Dollahite and his driveway in town to practice.

The Driveway is aptly named. It really is the circular driveway to Bill's house. It's 0.8 miles long, surfaced and curbed like a racetrack, and on top of about a 3 foot road bed. It's actually a very nice course, just very short.

Bill is an ex-CanAm racer and team owner. He's an excellent driver and has interesting friends. The LCC has adopted him and his driveway, so we'll be out there alot, I hope.

The car is ready. All I have to do is swap tires and the seat and load it on the trailer and I'm good to go. Last time I went, I was on street tires. This time, I'll use up the rest of the slicks.

The list of little detail items that I need is growing. A video cam. A probe pyrometer. Oil catch can. T1 sway bars. 04 shocks. Wood for the trailer. Paint for the truck. Going to have to make a list and prioritize.

Been watching video from Road Atlanta. I'm going there, because my lovely wife bought me a gift cert! So cool. Will be a nice vacation, but have to start prep now. Getting the car there wil be interesting. Not sure Sheri is ready to stop for gas every two hours, but that's what towing the car is like.

We're back in the gym again, this time to stay. Sheri's knee is worse, and we are finally out of options and forced to actually exercise. Sheri is swimming, and doing exercises that her therapist assigned. Feeling better already, and I have slipped back into the eliptical/weights routine like I never left. It hurts though; my arms felt like they were going to fall off for a couple of days. The only hitch is that we have to wake up at 0515 to get to the gym. Ouch!


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