Thursday, April 02, 2009

Street Testing and Knee

I've been driving the repaired blue car to work for the last couple of weeks. It's well behaved on the street, but loud. I am spending more time in 6th gear than usual because I don't want to spook the folks around me. It accelerates very fast, and is a joy to drive, except in one case.

Speedbumps suck. The headers are the lowest thing on the car. The car is lowered and properly corner weighted, so it's about an inch lower than stock. The upshot is that I can't drive over anything. I didn't realize how annoying that would be, but it's pretty annoying. I have to plot my course through parking lots and up and down driveways VERY carefully. High centering with all the weight on my new exhaust system is a no-no.

It smells different. No cats means it smells like cars did when I was a kid. It's almost sweet.

I managed to damage my right knee. I must have done it while working on the car, and spending time on the hard surface in my shop, but I can't remember when. It puffed up like a cantaloupe. I iced it, and took ibuprofin and even took a day off work to let it bear weight again, and it was working well again.

Then, I took a fall at work. Tripped, caught myself with my right leg... And set a bomb off in my knee. It puffed up again, so, well, fuck. It also hurt, quite a lot.

Going in for MRI on Tuesday. Have to get to the bottom of this before next track event, which is the 18th of this month. I will run in that event, if I have to drag myself by my lips. Going too well now to stop!

Until then, as little moving about as I can manage, and I'll try to get Sheri to bring me beers. That will present a challenge.


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