Thursday, August 10, 2006

Track Prep: Night Event, TMS

Well, the prep is done. Went to SoulSpeed in Austin for the work. Bill Kim runs a nice shop and at reasonable rates. I had:
Corner weighting check
Brake bleed
four race tires mounted
swap back to street tires
Tech inspection for the event

This'll be my last one until October (giving September a rest, since I'm about out of money for the moment) so I wanted to make sure all systems were perfect.

The car is remarkably balanced, even with 250# in the front left seat. It's within 2%. With me in it, it weigns 3400 on the nose.

Tires are balanced, though one of the rims is bent (I bought it that way; old autox rims) and takes around four ounces of weight to balance. Yeesh. Have to get some new wheels. Too bad it's a rear rim, as I don't want to replace the 11" wide rears at this time.

Bill was cautionary about the track. He advised me to take it easy and not push too hard, as there's no place to spin safely. It's mostly an oval track, so if you spin, you likely smack the wall. I'm planning on driving home Sunday, so no walls for me!

The tires leave with my friend David this evening, and I'll follow them up on Saturday. Looking forward to getting on track again. It's been too long.


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