Friday, April 21, 2006

The Blue Car

I am lucky enough to drive an Electron Blue 2002 Z06 Corvette. It's got just 50,000 miles on it. I put 16K of that on this past year and a half, as it's my daily driver. It's also the car I take to the track.

Doing double duty with the car is a challenge. I've decided to mod it for safety and reliability, rather than horsepower, because it's got enough of that right now, for my taste.

This is what I've done to the car so far:
Stainless steel brake lines (Goodridge)
Motul 600 brake fluid
Harness bar (not sure on maker; looks like a Sparco, an old one)
six-point harness for driver (folds up behind the seat when not in use)
Raybestos brake rotors (the $25 kind)
Carbotech Panther Plus brake pads (kind of noisy for the street, but I don't care)
Southern Car Parts partition and tray (these come out for the track)
Amsoil 0w30 oil
Amsoil Severe Gear differential fluid
Amsoil ATF
Hybrid alignment (something not too crazy to save the street tires)
2 x 17x9.5" GS wheels (front), 2 x 17x11" GS wheels (back) running 315/35r17 GY racing tires (I get these used for around $300 a set)
Stock wheels carry Nitto 555 front and rear (285 rear, 275 front)
Doug Rippie oil cooler

Planned mods:
passenger harness (taking pity on my riders)
stainless steel brake caliper pistons
Fire extinguisher
Headers (not sure which kind)
Intake (not sure which one)
Brake ducts
'04 Z06 shocks

And much, much more.
I forgot how much fun it is to tinker with cars, but it's coming back to me.


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