Monday, April 17, 2006

Texas Tracks

There are three main tracks that are willing to host High Performance Driving Events in Texas. They are Texas World Speedway, Motorsports Ranch Cresson and Motorsports Ranch Houston. All of them can be run in either direction, so it's like having six tracks available to us. Pretty cool.

Texas World Speedway
Location: College Station

This one is the daddy, as far as I'm concerned. This little track diagram does not do it justice. It's an old track, built in '68. The front straight is banked heavily. It's where I learned this stuff and I learn something new everytime I'm on it.

Motorsports Ranch, Cresson
Location: Cresson (15 minutes SW of Ft. Worth)

MSR just changed their track layout, and increased their surface from 1.7 miles to 3.1 miles. It went from a technical slower track to a technical MUCH higher speed track. It's also a blast to drive on, and the trackside facilities (shops, stores, and so on) are superb.

Motorsports Ranch, Houston
Location: Close to Angleton, south of Houston

I've only ever been to this one once, and it was too wet to really give it a good run. It's an interesting mix of the other two tracks. Long and reasonably fast at 2.4 miles it has some very technical parts to it. I'm going to enjoy learning this one.


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